Content Marketing

Content marketing requires a significant investment of time and resources before it is likely to pay off, but a strong content marketing program can provide a significant, sustainable and growing (albeit linearly) source of new users.

Content marketing can take many forms, but involves generation of blog posts, news, infographics, artwork, tips & tricks, top-10 lists and other kinds of online content that appeals to the target audience for the core mobile product (the app, game or constellation of apps that is being promoted) and should include prominent links to the app stores where the app can be downloaded.

Content marketing posts are typically published on owned media such as the company blog, but can also be shared over social channels, email, etc. to amplify reach.  Over time, with regular content published, the posts should climb the rankings for web searches relating to the topic and drive more organic search traffic to the posts and subsequently to the app.  Content marketing builds brand awareness and can measurably increase acquisition, but can take several months to start delivering users.



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