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The Analytics & Insights layer is the most comprehensive in the stack, underlying the importance of quantitative and qualitative data, metrics, modelling and reporting play in guiding growth activities, measuring impact and identifying opportunities.  Many tools and services exist to aid specific data collection or processing activities in this layer, though it’s possible with enough investment to craft custom solutions or quick hacks or database queries to gain short-term insight.


In this post, I’ll give a short introduction to the huge topic of lifecycle marketing and discuss how to build a lifecycle marketing program from scratch. What exactly is Lifecycle Marketing? The term lifecycle refers to the

User accounts can be a fantastic way to build user loyalty and increase retention. However, they do not make sense in every scenario and come with significant overhead versus a simple ‘anonymous’ product experience. In this post,

Apple announced at the 1st of September, that app names of over 50 characters will now be rejected. This didn't come entirely as a surprise. Partially because Gabriel Machuret whispered it to us a day in advance, but

Deferred deep linking lets you track referrals, optimize your onboarding flows, analyze trending content beyond the install.  In this article we'll explain how you can use it to grow your app. [caption id="attachment_4936" align="aligncenter" width="192"] Fy use deferred

This is a guest post by William Gill (Twitter). Will is the Head of Growth and Monetisation for the consumer business at HERE, and previously at Nokia was the Head of Product for mobile products. In

When it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO), the Apple App Store is mostly a black box. One of the most important assets to play with to increase discoverability, is the 100-character keyword field. You can fit some 8-12 keywords

Since we’ve started consulting several companies on their ASO strategy, we began to identify similarities between the issues they were facing and built a pretty extensive Google Spreadsheet to address these issues of Apple ASO Keyword optimization. We

Aggressively cross-selling your native app to your mobile website, has many benefits. You can offer a better full-screen UX and increase engagement because your app is likely more feature-complete. Even if you would argue that you have

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