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Any app publisher will be distributing their app through at least one (and likely several) app stores; aside from iTunes App Store and Google Play, many other distribution channels exist including Windows Store, Amazon App Store, Samsung Apps, Myapp (Tencent), etc.

Basic App Store Analytics provides measurement and reporting of app installs and in-app purchases by country, device, OS version, etc. as well as those of your competitors if using a services that make these data available.

With thousands of new apps and games submitted to the app stores every single day, staying visible in the stores is a constant battle for app publishers.  Observing and reacting to competitive trends, keyword search volumes and other market intelligence can give publishers an edge over the competition.  Reviewing predicted download data for top apps in a category can inform strategic planning and provide an indication of how many daily downloads a publisher needs to achieve in order to reach a specific ranking in the store (though the common download estimates — generated using predictive methods — should be treated with caution, since accuracy varies considerably between categories and analytics tools).  Nevertheless, analysis of app store data, with a view to deriving actionable insight, can be helpful at all stages of the product lifecycle.

App Store searches also form an important part of app discovery and careful identification and testing of keywords can lead to increased organic downloads from the store.  Many ASO tools exist that estimate keyword search volume and estimate the difficulty of ranking highly in search for specific keywords.


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