ASO Keyword Performance Tracking

App Store searches form an important part of app discovery and careful identification and testing of keywords can lead to increased organic downloads from the store.  Many ASO tools exist that estimate keyword search volume and estimate the difficulty of ranking highly in search for specific keywords.


Apple announced at the 1st of September, that app names of over 50 characters will now be rejected. This didn't come entirely as a surprise. Partially because Gabriel Machuret whispered it to us a day in advance, but

When it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO), the Apple App Store is mostly a black box. One of the most important assets to play with to increase discoverability, is the 100-character keyword field. You can fit some 8-12 keywords

Since we’ve started consulting several companies on their ASO strategy, we began to identify similarities between the issues they were facing and built a pretty extensive Google Spreadsheet to address these issues of Apple ASO Keyword optimization. We

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