Deeplink Attribution

Native mobile apps are evolving; no longer are they launched solely from the phone home screen, but are increasingly launched from deeplinks that take users directly to specific content within the app (assuming they have it installed).  Many mobile apps implement deeplink schemas that provide additional entry points into the app.  Deeplinks can be included in push notifications, emails, messages, other apps, links from websites and pretty much anywhere else that a regular web URL could be launched.  Not only that, content within the app can be indexed by Google and surfaced in search results (app indexing is also supported for iOS 9 and above when Universal Links are enabled).  Deep links are also used in retargeting campaigns, where existing (but possibly lapsed) users are served advertisements in other apps aimed at re-engaging them and bringing them back into a specific part in your app.

If your app supports deep-linked content, it’s important to gather information on how these links are performing.  Understanding which deeplink URIs are being opened and, ideally, where the user came from (e.g. browser link, push notification, retargeting campaign, etc.) will provide valuable insight into which content is most popular and deeper understanding of how various channels and campaigns perform for re-engaging existing users.  Such data can inform the editorial policy for new content and aid optimization of comms activities.


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