Growth Modeling

Growth is a a system, with numerous inputs and feedback loops.  Developing a shared understanding – leading to an abstract model – within the organization galvanizes growth efforts, informing the hypothesis generation and ideation process.  The growth model will likely be refined over time, as this shared understanding develops through experimental learning and deeper understanding of user behavior, market dynamics and operational data.

Developing model that connects acquisition (broken down by the various acquisition channels and viral loops) and retention/churn will prove highly valuable, both for understanding the present and creating projections for different scenarios.  With such a model, scenario planning becomes possible and the team can adjust their mix of acquisition and retention efforts according to what will deliver the most impact on active user growth.


This is a guest post by William Gill (Twitter). Will is the Head of Growth and Monetisation for the consumer business at HERE, and previously at Nokia was the Head of Product for mobile products. In

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