Sentiment Tracking

Customer satisfaction is important; unhappy or disgruntled users are at high risk of churn and may also voice negative feedback on app stores or online forums, deterring potential users.  Conversely, happy or delighted users can be powerful advocates for a mobile product and should be identified as such in user segmentation.

There are many ways to measure customer satisfaction; online, in-app or email surveys can be used to gather detailed feedback, but more commonly users are simply asked via a pop-up to give the app a rating from 0 to 5 stars, or else to provide their Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating with the simple, standardized question “How likely would you be to recommend [product] to a friend of colleague?” (with a rating 0 – 10 possible).

Users who give the app a high rating can be confidently targeted with requests to rate the app in the store, invite friends, share content or tweet about the app.  Users with negative sentiment can be identified and – hopefully – placated by customer service efforts and encouraged to provide feedback directly to the publisher rather than in a public.

Sentiment tracking techniques can be used to quantitatively gauge user reaction to new features or content, possibly before rolling out to 100% of the user base.


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