User Segmentation

Not all users are created equal; some groups of individuals will be more engaged, more likely to spend money within the app, or otherwise display some common trait(s) that enable them to be grouped together into meaningful segments for the purposes of analysis, marketing, dynamic pricing and so-forth.  Most analytics tools allow creation and tracking of dynamically-updated user segments based on user metadata (a.k.a attributes) or behavior within the app.  By tailoring in-app and external messaging campaigns to specific user segments, marketers can increase relevancy and impact of their campaigns and drive more impact.


In this post, I’ll give a short introduction to the huge topic of lifecycle marketing and discuss how to build a lifecycle marketing program from scratch. What exactly is Lifecycle Marketing? The term lifecycle refers to the

User accounts can be a fantastic way to build user loyalty and increase retention. However, they do not make sense in every scenario and come with significant overhead versus a simple ‘anonymous’ product experience. In this post,

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