First Time User Experience

First Time User Experience (aka New User Experience / NUX) is inordinately critical in the lifetime of a user; if a user doesn’t ‘get’ the proposition and reach a moment of delight — or at least appreciation — during their first few minutes using a freshly-installed mobile app, the session will probably be their last.

The majority of user churn occurs in the first few days. Cohort decay graphs all take fundamentally the same shape, regardless of the app. New user onboarding efforts should aim to flatten out the curve at a higher retention rate. If this can be achieved, compound growth gains follow.


In this post, I’ll give a short introduction to the huge topic of lifecycle marketing and discuss how to build a lifecycle marketing program from scratch. What exactly is Lifecycle Marketing? The term lifecycle refers to the

User accounts can be a fantastic way to build user loyalty and increase retention. However, they do not make sense in every scenario and come with significant overhead versus a simple ‘anonymous’ product experience. In this post,

Deferred deep linking lets you track referrals, optimize your onboarding flows, analyze trending content beyond the install.  In this article we'll explain how you can use it to grow your app. [caption id="attachment_4936" align="aligncenter" width="192"] Fy use deferred

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