While arguably not as effective as it once was, email remains a valuable channel for marketers across both web and mobile.  Mobile users can be reached with emails in real-time and often receive push notifications from their mail app when new messages arrive.  When considering email as a channel for activity notifications or lifecycle campaigns targeting mobile users, extra attention needs to be required to how the email will display on small-screen devices and how any links are implemented (best practice dictates that users should be directed to a website if the native app is not installed and deep-linked into the app if it is).

To use email as a channel, its a pre-requisite to request the user’s email address and many countries also have strict laws governing opt-in, permissions and what constitutes lawful email communication.


In this post, I’ll give a short introduction to the huge topic of lifecycle marketing and discuss how to build a lifecycle marketing program from scratch. What exactly is Lifecycle Marketing? The term lifecycle refers to the

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