In-App Messaging

In-App messages appear within the main product user experience and can be delivered either on web or native mobile.  Any in-app dialog, pop-up, or information screen can be considered an in-app message, though in recent years Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) frameworks have abstracted this technology from the main app to allow marketers to design, test and measure targeted campaigns without requiring engineering resources or new native app builds to be submitted.

In-app is a very powerful channel, since they grab the user’s attention during their regular app or game usage and click-rates of 20-50% are not uncommon.  However, due to the intrusive nature of such campaigns, they should be used carefully and sparingly to avoid ruining the core experience and increasing user churn.


In this post, I’ll give a short introduction to the huge topic of lifecycle marketing and discuss how to build a lifecycle marketing program from scratch. What exactly is Lifecycle Marketing? The term lifecycle refers to the

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