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Television advertising has seen a remarkable resurgence over the past year, as CPIs from popular channels such as Facebook have risen sharply due to saturation and marketers hunt for more economical acquisition sources. New TV attribution partners have sprung up to help mobile advertisers match app installs with TV campaigns and — despite the inherently noisy data — many marketers are reporting strong results and favorable CPIs (i.e. actual performance, rather than a brand boost) from this traditional media channel.

Other traditional media such as print and radio may also prove to be valuable in connecting with the target audience, though most growth marketers eschew these old-school techniques due to the difficulty in measuring the effects.

Billboard display advertising and even hand-distributing flyers can be a great way to saturate the consciousness of a city and are relatively cheap compared to high-priced online and mobile advertisements.  For this reason, such old-school marketing channels are often used when launching hyper-local, mass-market services such as food delivery, laundry and taxi-hailing apps, albeit always in combination with digital campaigns.


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