Partnerships & Integrations

Business development, technical integrations and partnership activities can drive impact for acquisition, engagement & retention, or monetization, depending on the nature of the deal.

Partnerships can take many forms and are limited only by the creativity, persuasiveness and perceived value by the parties involved.  Some common types of partnerships that could be employed to drive growth include:

  • Traffic exchange between websites or native apps
  • Pre-installation of mobile apps by device manufacturers or mobile carriers
  • Co-marketing activities
  • Sponsorship of events, individuals, or organizations
  • Licensing of intellectual property e.g. a movie, book, song or image rights
  • Affiliate deals
  • Loyalty schemes

In many cases, such partnerships will include a commercial component such a revenue share, licensing fee, guaranteed minimums, etc. though the specifics are very much subject to negotiation and will depend largely on leverage.


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